Wonderful Intuit Chat Support

I’ve never been hung up on chat before…

info: at 16:34:23
Please wait for a Small Business Consultant to respond. Your wait time will be approximately 0 minute(s) and 1 second(s).
info: at 16:34:33
You are now chatting with ‘Lyle’.
Lyle: at 16:34:53
Hello, thank you for chatting with Intuit! I’m Lyle, I will be your Small business Consultant for today. May I have your name please?
you: at 16:35:05
Tim Landers
you: at 16:35:35
I am considering moving to Quickbooks Plus. We do not want online. I have six users but only two or three will be a file at a time. Can you tell me what I need?
Lyle: at 16:35:36
Hi Tim, I hope your having a wonderful day. How can I help you with today?
Lyle: at 16:36:06
QuickBooks Plus is Online.
you: at 16:36:51
No, I don’t think so. I have a client that has “QuickBooks Pro Plus 2014”. Its installed locally. Its not online. It is a subscription service.
Lyle: at 16:37:32
Yup, it’s the same.
you: at 16:37:57
So its not installed locally on the computer?
Lyle: at 16:39:00
Nope it’s on cloud.
Lyle: at 16:40:22
Is there anything else?
you: at 16:40:26
Maybe I’m calling it the wrong thing then. I am on a client’s machine. Its installed locally. F2 says “Quickbooks Pro Plus 2014”. I know they pay per year.
Lyle: at 16:41:15
Yes, but your data is on cloud.
you: at 16:41:49
Ok, interesting since its stored on the server. Maybe its synced to the cloud. The program is installed locally. So can you answer my original question?
Lyle: at 16:42:00
Lyle: at 16:42:14
You need the hosted vesrsion.
Lyle: at 16:42:30
Just checking in. After two minutes, this chat session will be disconnected due to inactivity.
you: at 16:42:34
Why is that?
Lyle: at 16:43:08
You can have multiple user access at a time.
you: at 16:43:34
I can’t do that if its installed on the server? You can with the desktop verison.
Lyle: at 16:44:05
Here’s the linkhttp://quickbooks.intuit.com/pro/#DTpricing
Lyle: at 16:44:09
Is there anything else?
you: at 16:44:21
yes, you still haven’t answered my question.
Lyle: at 16:44:29
you: at 16:44:42
So if I get Quickbooks Pro Plus Desktop 2015. I have six users. Do I just pay the $199.95/year?
Lyle: at 16:44:47
Lyle: at 16:44:53
Is there anything else?
you: at 16:45:00
Cool – how many users is that limited to?
Lyle: at 16:45:10
you: at 16:45:17
And how many can be in the file at once?
Lyle: at 16:45:18
Click the link.
Lyle: at 16:45:22
you: at 16:45:30
I did – I clicked your stupid link.
Lyle: at 16:45:29
you: at 16:45:36
I told you I had six users.
Lyle: at 16:45:36
Lyle: at 16:45:49
That’s why you need the HOSTED version to have 6.
Lyle: at 16:45:56
Is there anything else?
Lyle: at 16:46:14
Just checking in. After two minutes, this chat session will be disconnected due to inactivity.
you: at 16:46:22
So with this version you gave me the link for I can only have 3 installed and 3 simultaneous users?
Lyle: at 16:46:33
you: at 16:47:13
So how many can I have?
Lyle: at 16:47:32
You can extend to 6 with Hosted.
Lyle: at 16:47:57
Is there anything else?
you: at 16:48:01
ok, but you sent link for Quickbooks Pro Plus Desktop 2015. I can have 3 installed and 3 users can be in at the same time, is that correct?
you: at 16:48:05
What about Premier?
Lyle: at 16:48:15
Call 1-877-223-4710.
Lyle: at 16:48:36
Have a wonderful day!
info: at 16:48:39
Chat session has been terminated by the Chat Consultant.

Possible Band Names

Soggy Ramen – Korean Bluegrass Band


Fresh Fruit Self-Defense Lessons

You should learn how to defend yourself against a person armed with a piece of fresh fruit!

Florida Man Accused of Attacking Girlfriend With Banana

A Florida man was arrested after authorities say he attacked his girlfriend with a banana. Phillip was arrested Wednesday on charges of domestic battery and resisting arrest without violence related to the fruit fight, according to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

Lessons here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5gqILMUfaU

And now for something completely different.

I know the answer is 42, just not the question

Trying to create an account for Obamacare:


After giving three unique answers I got this:

“Please note that two or more answers to the security questions cannot be the same. You must provide distinct answers to the chosen security questions. Please wait a few moments and try again.”

Network is down!

This email, from an employee of a client, was forwarded to me from the boss via email:

Network is down again… Emails… etc are all down.

Um, really? Funny how emails go out when the email is down.

Wow – who knew cars could be broken into!

SBS 2003 HTTP SSL error

I have a client with SBS 2003 and the cert just expired. I went through the “Connect to the Internet” network task under the server management console to install a new cert. The firewall config failed and aftewards IIS wouldn’t start because HTTP SSL wouldn’t start with event id 7023 – “The system cannot find the file specified.” This is the second client that this has happened too. The first client was resolved by removing ISA. A Google search found others with the issue and mixed results and a lot of scary solutions. After seeing something about conflicting services I decided to just stop all third party services – APC, BES, Cloudmark, GFI, Vipre – as well as IIS admin. After that I reran the task and it succeeded and all services started just fine. I don’t know who the culprit was but I’ll blame BES just because I don’t like it.

Security has gotten out of control

Maybe they should

This was on the back of an envelope from the IRS. Maybe congress should learn ways to manage our money.

IRS Envelope

We need Office

Couldn’t resist posting this screenshot of a client’s request.