Month: January 2011

  • SQL to TXT export batchfile

    I needed to export a number of tables from a SQL server to text files today. BCP is great but doesn’t include header information which I needed. With some help from a couple of internet posts I wrote this batch file which worked great. It will take all the tables from a database (edit batch […]

  • Scotty got second place in category/division at HSA science fair!

    Category: Life Science / Division: Elementary My hypothesis is that if you put your cheese in an airtight bag and take all the air out, then no mold, or at least less than other means of wrapping, will form on your cheese because as mold is a living thing that needs air taking the air […]

  • W00t. Nomad was pwned!

  • Golden-Voiced Homeless Man

    Great story, especially for those recoverying from substance abuse.

  • Dad gets ticket for rushing to delivery room

    The headline sounds innocent enough. A loving husband rushing his wife to the hospital so she can deliver their baby. They arrive with only 6 minutes to spare. News Video Link But, he wasn’t just going 70 in a 55, or even 80 in a 55. HE WAS TICKETED FOR 102 MPH!!! The officer says […]