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  • Wonderful Intuit Chat Support

    I’ve never been hung up on chat before… info: at 16:34:23 Please wait for a Small Business Consultant to respond. Your wait time will be approximately 0 minute(s) and 1 second(s). info: at 16:34:33 You are now chatting with ‘Lyle’. Lyle: at 16:34:53 Hello, thank you for chatting with Intuit! I’m Lyle, I will be […]

  • Network is down!

    This email, from an employee of a client, was forwarded to me from the boss via email: Network is down again… Emails… etc are all down. Um, really? Funny how emails go out when the email is down.

  • SBS 2003 HTTP SSL error

    I have a client with SBS 2003 and the cert just expired. I went through the “Connect to the Internet” network task under the server management console to install a new cert. The firewall config failed and aftewards IIS wouldn’t start because HTTP SSL wouldn’t start with event id 7023 – “The system cannot find […]

  • Security has gotten out of control

  • We need Office

    Couldn’t resist posting this screenshot of a client’s request.

  • SQL to TXT export batchfile

    I needed to export a number of tables from a SQL server to text files today. BCP is great but doesn’t include header information which I needed. With some help from a couple of internet posts I wrote this batch file which worked great. It will take all the tables from a database (edit batch […]

  • Is the email working?

    Had a client call and say her internet wasn’t working. I walked her through resetting the modem, then the router, then the computer. She gruffly said she knew how to do that and that she already had done all of that. However, once it booted the internet was working. She called back a few minutes later […]

  • Is the power cable plugged in?

    Had to send a tech back to a customers because the monitor wasn’t working after the tech worked on it. Of course it was working fine when he left. He called her to make sure the power cable wasn’t unplugged – she said it wasn’t. He goes out and plugs the power cable in. It […]