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  • SQL to TXT export batchfile

    I needed to export a number of tables from a SQL server to text files today. BCP is great but doesn’t include header information which I needed. With some help from a couple of internet posts I wrote this batch file which worked great. It will take all the tables from a database (edit batch […]

  • W00t. Nomad was pwned!

  • Golden-Voiced Homeless Man

    Great story, especially for those recoverying from substance abuse.

  • Dad gets ticket for rushing to delivery room

    The headline sounds innocent enough. A loving husband rushing his wife to the hospital so she can deliver their baby. They arrive with only 6 minutes to spare. News Video Link But, he wasn’t just going 70 in a 55, or even 80 in a 55. HE WAS TICKETED FOR 102 MPH!!! The officer says […]

  • Trinity Trojans

    Congratulations to the Euless Trinity Trojans for great season. I’m sorry they didn’t win the Championship but Matt and Ethan and Scotty and I enjoyed going to the game. I think Pearland’s trick play (youtube) was bad sportsmanship. Here’s a post I found on a website regarding another trick play: Under the current interpretation by […]

  • Robin Hood was a Thief!?!?

    From another moron at the AP care of Yahoo! (link expired) : “Julian Luxford says a newly found note in the margins of an ancient history book contains rare criticism of the supposedly benevolent [Robin Hood]. According to legend, Hood roamed 13th-century Britain from a base in central England’s Sherwood Forest, plundering from the rich to […]

  • One Expert

    First of all, I apologize to my numerous fan’s out there for not posting more often (all five of you). From my favorite news outlet, Yahoo!, I found an article (link expired) entitled “Climate change even worse than predicted: expert”. There’s no ”s” on there; it’s singular; one; uno. The article goes on to say, ”without decisive action to slow global warming, […]

  • This made a believer out of me!

    From this article: Thai temple fights off encroaching tide as world sea levels rise (link expired) “fishermen have cut down mangrove forests” “Tourism development, sand mining and damming rivers upstream have also taken their toll” “an area naturally prone to coastal erosion” “‘The process has been occurring over some time and accelerating with land use […]

  • IPCC says reduce emissions 50%

    From Yahoo! News via AP (link expired): “To avoid the worst, the Nobel Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said, emissions should be reduced by 25 percent to 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2020. Greenhouse and other heat-trapping gases should be reduced at least by half by 2050, they added.” It’s about time we […]

  • Is the email working?

    Had a client call and say her internet wasn’t working. I walked her through resetting the modem, then the router, then the computer. She gruffly said she knew how to do that and that she already had done all of that. However, once it booted the internet was working. She called back a few minutes later […]