Dad gets ticket for rushing to delivery room

The headline sounds innocent enough. A loving husband rushing his wife to the hospital so she can deliver their baby. They arrive with only 6 minutes to spare. News Video Link

But, he wasn’t just going 70 in a 55, or even 80 in a 55. HE WAS TICKETED FOR 102 MPH!!! The officer says the driver was putting other peoples lives at risk – uh, YA! I commend the office for escorting the dad-to-be to the hospital when the moron called 911 to tell them he wasn’t pulling over. HE WAS TALKING ON HIS CELL PHONE WHILE DRIVING 102!!!

I watched this video a short time after learning someone we know and her mother are in the hospital after being in a car accident. The driver was killed at the scene.

Hubby says he didn’t think it was a big deal. Dude, next time call for an ambulance and boil some water while you wait.

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