Robin Hood was a Thief!?!?

From another moron at the AP care of Yahoo! (link expired) :

“Julian Luxford says a newly found note in the margins of an ancient history book contains rare criticism of the supposedly benevolent [Robin Hood].

According to legend, Hood roamed 13th-century Britain from a base in central England’s Sherwood Forest, plundering from the rich to give to the poor.

But Luxford, an art history lecturer at the University of St. Andrews, in Fife, Scotland, says a 23-word inscription in a history book, written in Latin by a medieval monk around 1460, casts the outlaw as a persistent thief.

‘Around this time, according to popular opinion, a certain outlaw named Robin Hood, with his accomplices, infested Sherwood and other law-abiding areas of England with continuous robberies,’ the note read when translated into English, Luxford said.”

Um, I guess the writer was too lazy to look up the work “plunder”. From “to rob of goods by force, especially in time of war; pillage: plunder a village.”

The government steals from us to give to the poor – maybe history will look back at this time and realize that is wrong too!