SBS 2003 HTTP SSL error

I have a client with SBS 2003 and the cert just expired. I went through the “Connect to the Internet” network task under the server management console to install a new cert. The firewall config failed and aftewards IIS wouldn’t start because HTTP SSL wouldn’t start with event id 7023 – “The system cannot find the file specified.” This is the second client that this has happened too. The first client was resolved by removing ISA. A Google search found others with the issue and mixed results and a lot of scary solutions. After seeing something about conflicting services I decided to just stop all third party services – APC, BES, Cloudmark, GFI, Vipre – as well as IIS admin. After that I reran the task and it succeeded and all services started just fine. I don’t know who the culprit was but I’ll blame BES just because I don’t like it.