Trinity Trojans

Congratulations to the Euless Trinity Trojans for great season. I’m sorry they didn’t win the Championship but Matt and Ethan and Scotty and I enjoyed going to the game. I think Pearland’s trick play (youtube) was bad sportsmanship. Here’s a post I found on a website regarding another trick play:

Under the current interpretation by the NCAA rules committee, these types of actions, designed to make the defense think that a snap is not imminent or that there is some other kind of problem (ie Coach what’s the play, we have the wrong subs, I need the kicking shoe, or any variation thereto) are deemed to be unnecessary theatrics and are therefore unsportsmanlike conduct. NFHS rules agree.”

Right after the play I told Matt I wouldn’t want to be the team that won on that kind of play.

Also, here’s a great video about the diversity at Trinity: Video