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I’ve never been hung up on chat before…

info: at 16:34:23
Please wait for a Small Business Consultant to respond. Your wait time will be approximately 0 minute(s) and 1 second(s).
info: at 16:34:33
You are now chatting with ‘Lyle’.
Lyle: at 16:34:53
Hello, thank you for chatting with Intuit! I’m Lyle, I will be your Small business Consultant for today. May I have your name please?
you: at 16:35:05
Tim Landers
you: at 16:35:35
I am considering moving to Quickbooks Plus. We do not want online. I have six users but only two or three will be a file at a time. Can you tell me what I need?
Lyle: at 16:35:36
Hi Tim, I hope your having a wonderful day. How can I help you with today?
Lyle: at 16:36:06
QuickBooks Plus is Online.
you: at 16:36:51
No, I don’t think so. I have a client that has “QuickBooks Pro Plus 2014”. Its installed locally. Its not online. It is a subscription service.
Lyle: at 16:37:32
Yup, it’s the same.
you: at 16:37:57
So its not installed locally on the computer?
Lyle: at 16:39:00
Nope it’s on cloud.
Lyle: at 16:40:22
Is there anything else?
you: at 16:40:26
Maybe I’m calling it the wrong thing then. I am on a client’s machine. Its installed locally. F2 says “Quickbooks Pro Plus 2014”. I know they pay per year.
Lyle: at 16:41:15
Yes, but your data is on cloud.
you: at 16:41:49
Ok, interesting since its stored on the server. Maybe its synced to the cloud. The program is installed locally. So can you answer my original question?
Lyle: at 16:42:00
Lyle: at 16:42:14
You need the hosted vesrsion.
Lyle: at 16:42:30
Just checking in. After two minutes, this chat session will be disconnected due to inactivity.
you: at 16:42:34
Why is that?
Lyle: at 16:43:08
You can have multiple user access at a time.
you: at 16:43:34
I can’t do that if its installed on the server? You can with the desktop verison.
Lyle: at 16:44:05
Here’s the linkhttp://quickbooks.intuit.com/pro/#DTpricing
Lyle: at 16:44:09
Is there anything else?
you: at 16:44:21
yes, you still haven’t answered my question.
Lyle: at 16:44:29
you: at 16:44:42
So if I get Quickbooks Pro Plus Desktop 2015. I have six users. Do I just pay the $199.95/year?
Lyle: at 16:44:47
Lyle: at 16:44:53
Is there anything else?
you: at 16:45:00
Cool – how many users is that limited to?
Lyle: at 16:45:10
you: at 16:45:17
And how many can be in the file at once?
Lyle: at 16:45:18
Click the link.
Lyle: at 16:45:22
you: at 16:45:30
I did – I clicked your stupid link.
Lyle: at 16:45:29
you: at 16:45:36
I told you I had six users.
Lyle: at 16:45:36
Lyle: at 16:45:49
That’s why you need the HOSTED version to have 6.
Lyle: at 16:45:56
Is there anything else?
Lyle: at 16:46:14
Just checking in. After two minutes, this chat session will be disconnected due to inactivity.
you: at 16:46:22
So with this version you gave me the link for I can only have 3 installed and 3 simultaneous users?
Lyle: at 16:46:33
you: at 16:47:13
So how many can I have?
Lyle: at 16:47:32
You can extend to 6 with Hosted.
Lyle: at 16:47:57
Is there anything else?
you: at 16:48:01
ok, but you sent link for Quickbooks Pro Plus Desktop 2015. I can have 3 installed and 3 users can be in at the same time, is that correct?
you: at 16:48:05
What about Premier?
Lyle: at 16:48:15
Call 1-877-223-4710.
Lyle: at 16:48:36
Have a wonderful day!
info: at 16:48:39
Chat session has been terminated by the Chat Consultant.

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